There is an interesting story with The Rolex Submariner . Introduced over 60 years ago, the current Rolex Submariner model which was updated four years ago is a merchandise of a long history and expansion. Rolex experiments with its products quite often. The Evolution of the Submariner is an example. The similarities are visible while with the remarkable innovations. A perfect bracelet with an easy to adjust folding clasp, ceramic bezel, and masculine case meet all the requirements of a modern up to date watch. Submariner a unique and exquisite name given to this watch refers to the strong metallic body as that of a Submarine. This impermeable watch proves to be one of its kinds. The Rolex Submariner comes in different colours like Submariner Date Oyster 40mm steel with ceramic bezel and green dial, Submariner Date Oyster 40 mm white gold with ceramic bezel and blue dial similarly the other colours in which this masterpiece comes in are yellow gold and pure steel these different colours of dials give it a fine yet very elegant look. The water resistant Oyster case with screw-down crown and the self-winding movement for wrist watches are ingredients of the Rolex Submariner.

René-Paul Jeanneret, a skilled and valuable component of the board of directors of Rolex was a zealous diver. René-Paul Jeanneret came with the concept of developing a watch that wasn’t only appropriate divers, but also as an elegant and sophisticated timepiece for everyday use. The debate about the use of such a watch in the Rolex collection kept on several times, as the existing Rolex models at that time already were water defiant and well-designed. But these were not the diving watches that René-Paul Jeanneret had in concept. Well-designed and stylish sports watches became an imperative topic back then, Rolex at that time was assessing to develop a proficient diver’s watch. Lots of testing was going on in the 1950s for diver’s specific watch. The name ‘Submariner’ wasn’t being used at that time. In 1953 watch collections with bold names like Turn-O-Graph, Explorer, Submariner, Milgauss and GMT-Master came into being. Growth of Rolex was second to none and excelled in creating watches that are apt for any nature of environment or sports activity. In 1953,Rolex announced to the world that they had developed the best in diver watches. This was proven in an extravagant way. August Piccard dived to a depth of 3131 meters in his deep-diving submarine with a Rolex watch. The Submariner did not show any deterioration, in spite of the high salt content and stifling temperatures found in the Mediterranean waters. It also successfully resisted the high tropical temperatures as well as humidity. There was no water detected inside the watch itself.

The watch was used in dives with the crown pulled out to set the hands and was not affected by the force of the dive. A cord used to drop the Submariner to a deepness of 120 meters for a one hour period, and no leaks or other issues were detected. It featured a noticeably legible Rolex logo and a lighted dial. Spectacularly when the submariner emerged from the ocean, the Rolex was keeping correct time, leaving onlookers astounded. This is an ultimate watch for a passionate yet sophisticated individual exclusively by Rolex.