Luxurious and exclusive watches make us able to think about the value and worth of time. A guy who is rich and wants to dress up properly and look smart, so he will surely spend money to buy an exclusive and luxurious watch.

There are a number of new pretty steeply-priced watches, there is as well a new no: 1 that states very much considering that the preceding globe’s greatest luxurious Watch – title or label holder becomes worth $25 million.

Majority watches we are going to display are one in all a kind as well as they are purchased and owned by the wealthy and well off human beings on the globe, plus who might review them, as wristwatches are a symbol of status for most of the people and holding a wristwatch that valued extremely high will absolutely make you different from other tycoons.

Below are the points that mark these wristwatches extremely luxurious and expensive?

1. They contain the expensive and exclusive parts, for example, dinosaur bone, rare diamonds, meteor rock, platinum, gold etc.

2. The quantity of time Expensive watches took to finish is an important factor to remember and the ability to Expensive watch what it can do?

3. The uniqueness of the watch are one of the important feature that makes the wristwatch very lavish as well as expensive.

Every single watch in the top ten list has an incredible and an unbelievable story behind it. Following are the Topmost 10 Luxurious and exclusive Wristwatches across the World that worth from $75,000 to an amazing $25 Million.

1. Chopard of 210 carats worth $26 million
Chopard of 210 carats is listed number 1 and the most expensive, exclusive and luxurious watch across the world. It is so much expensive that there is no listing price for it. It has colorful diamonds of 201 Karats. It’s a wonderful jewelry bracelet as well as a wrist watch. It’s such an exclusive watch that it appears as it is bounded by beautiful flowers.

2. Patek Philippe Super Complication cost $11 million

A banker named Henry Graves Jr ordered to make a customized watch in 1993 and it was manufactured by Patek Philippe for that banker and this watch is of 18 carat gold. This luxurious watch took around five years to construct as well as to design. It was a customized watch with around 24 basic mechanical features deprived if its basic characteristics, one of them is basic timekeeping. It has a different and varied chronological function which is one of the customized feature that works for the whole day with each individual hour. This watch is ranked as the most expensive and most complicated timepiece ever produced and auctioned.

3. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time price $4 million

Patek Philippe is also the manufacturer of the 3rd most expensive watch named Platinum World Time across the world. In 2002, it was highly auctioned with the price of $4 million US dollars. Platinum World Time is one of the expensive and exclusive watch and it was supposed that it’s the only innovative timepiece that was created at the time of its manufacturing. A wide range of finishes is available and you can pick it from platinum, gold, rose, white and yellow.

4. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle with a price tag of $1.5 million

Swiss is the manufacturer of one of the most expensive and luxurious watch named Tour de I’lle and it was created in 2005 by Vacheron Constantin at the 250th anniversary of Swiss. A non reflective glass named blue sapphire and gold of 18 carats is used in its manufacturing and due to its non-reflective glass feature it can be seen from both of the sides.

5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon worth $1.3 million

Patek Philippe was the manufacturer of this ever complicated timepiece. It is a two side’s watch with beautiful and amazing features. One side has a feature related to the phases of the form of the night sky and the other side is featured with moon phases, date and time. This watch is a wonderful, remarkable and exclusive timepiece of today’s modern art.

6. Chopard Super Ice Cube cost $1.1 million

Swiss also took credit to manufacture one of the most exclusive and expensive watch that is made of diamonds of 60 karats while theses diamonds are perfectly cut into fine cubes. This is a luxurious wrist watch as well as beautiful bracelet at the same time with a lovely and stunning shape. It can resist water up to 100 feet’s as well as also resist against scratches and marks.

7. Hublot Black Caviar Bang with a price tag of $1 million


A highly accurate, precise and a beautiful wrist watch design was made in 2009 and it was named as Hublot Black Caviar with the worth of $1 million. White gold of 18 carats as well as 501 baguette cut black diamonds are used in the manufacturing of this classic and exclusive timepiece.

8. Louis Moinet Magistralis cost $860,000

This wrist watch is one of the unique and exclusive timepiece with a splendid and superb beauty. A real meteorite is used that was found on the moon’s surface in order to manufacture this elegant and classy men’s wrist watch. Louis Moinet Magistralis is considered as the most unique, trendy, elegant and classy wrist watch across the world.

9. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication worth $800,000

Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication wrist watch is extremely delightful and ideal wrist watch to wear. Platinum is used to manufacture its frame or case and crocodile skin is also used to produce its straps or belt. Engine parts and components are manually manufactured as well as comprised of 740 pieces. Thus, this unique feature makes this wristwatch as the most unique and complex wristwatch across the world.

10. Brequet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12 with a price tag of $734,000

The most stylish, elegant and classy pocket watch is known as Brequet Pocket watch, as 18 carat yellow gold is used in manufacturing this exclusive pocket watch. This pocket watch is decorated manually as well as features a silver look or face of beautiful and attractive handiwork and artistry. This beautiful pocket watch is secured and protected by a chain as well.