Luxury timepieces are the perfect example of high-level engineering and craftsmanship for watch lovers and collectors. Many expensive timepieces are regarded as unique and are undoubtedly the owner’s pride and delight. These high-end watches are not just popular items; they are associated with our emotions as well. Hence, maintaining it in good shape is crucial to ensure its lifespan.

The maintenance of any timepiece ensures the best value and guarantees that this elegant watch will continue to work properly for many years. Any expensive pieces of metal that are wearable need some maintenance so that their charm shines again in the dark. In the same way, luxury watches also need some support to shine under dark skies.

In this blog, we are going to shed some light on why high-end luxury watches need maintenance and discuss some key facts about what to know about watch maintenance.

When should I get my watch serviced?

Knowing when to have a luxury watch serviced is crucial if you plan to purchase one. You don’t want to purchase a watch just to discover later that it needs maintenance. You must be aware of the warning signals that your chronograph needs maintenance because this can be rather pricey. The majority of high-end watchmakers recommend that you have your timepiece serviced every three to five years. To make sure it’s performing at its best, you should do this.

Watch companies like Rolex give their users a 10-year maintenance-free offer, but as we all know, these watches are expensive. The best option is to go with a maintenance-free Swiss made replica Rolex watch because they are much more affordable and easily available.

3 Symptoms Your Watch Needs Repair

To start checking whether your watch needs repair or not, you should follow these three symptoms, which are discussed below.

1. Signs of Moisture Inside the Case

Why Do Luxury Watches Need Maintenance?

If you see signs of moisture and water inside the case of your luxury timepiece, you should quickly take it in for service. As we all know, high-end timepieces are strong and water-resistant, so the chance of entering water is minimal. But even if water or moisture finds its way in, you should go for quick maintenance.

2. Accuracy Issue

Why Do Luxury Watches Need Maintenance?

If you notice any issue with the accuracy of your luxury watch, it may be operating quickly or slowly for a variety of reasons, therefore, it needs to be examined by experts. Moreover, your watch must maintain accuracy up to 4 seconds slower or 6 seconds faster to pass COSC requirements.

3. Moving Parts Creating Issue

Why Do Luxury Watches Need Maintenance?

The third symptom can be the movement of the watch parts, which can loosen or tighten as time passes. In every high-end watch, there are hundreds of moving parts that are working inside the casing, and it is common in these timepieces that moving parts create some issues after usage of almost 5 to 8 years. This involves odd noises like internal rattling. Any of these signs could indicate damaged components and a quick need for a professional repair.


The most well-known luxury watch brands are Rolex, AP, Patek Phillippe, RADO, Omega, IWC, and many more. If you have one of the high-end watch brands, you need to repair it because the amount of money you spent on purchasing this particular brand would probably hurt you if somehow it stops working.

We have noticed that most watch collectors only focus on purchasing the high-end watch, but they ignore the maintenance after using it for a few days and place it in the box and store it without worrying about the watch’s maintenance. You don’t have to do it this way because the care and maintenance of a watch are as important as collecting a desirable and unique watch.

I hope this guide on why high-end luxury watches need maintenance will help you understand the importance of caring for and maintaining your timepiece.