Watches are the best gift to give someone. It can be given to family, friend, fiancee, teacher or any other loved ones. It has seen that watch is the first option for people to give as a gift. Watches look beautiful and decent in hands.

Watches are always trendy in events or any festivals. In this mobile age, watches are still liked by people. Different celebrities wear watches and do promotions. Watches are liked equally among billionaire and common people. The difference is just of price and brands.

Different companies manufacturing watches and every company trying to manufacture best watch. There are so many models of watches are available in market. Let’s find out five best selling watches of 2022.

1. Rolex

Rolex reigns on the watches. It’s worth is 8.35 billion US $ over the world. Rolex launches different watches in one year. Rolex is most famous watch in the world. It has seemed that Rolex lasts for life time mostly. With the passage of time, Rolex is introducing new features in the watches.

Rolex has registered more than 500 patents in the history of watches. Rolex manufacture millions of watches every year. Rolex is a luxurious watch brand. It’s price is always high than others. Rolex advertises it’s new brands everywhere.

2. The Omega x swatch Moon Swatch

The Omega x Swatch Moon Switch launched on 26 March 2022. It was expected that this edition had sold all watches. It had price of 260 USD $. It had 42 mm diameter and 13.25 thick. Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton wore this watch.

It was a luxury watch which everyone can not afford. It’s straps made by iconic NASA Velcro. This watch created by collaboration of Omega and Swatch brands. It had chronograph with hours, minutes and seconds.

3. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is among the best watches of Swiss. It has precious quality. If someone purchase Patek Philippe and want to sell after sometime, it will not decrease it’s value. It’s quite possible that price will be increased at selling time.
Patek Philippe has the most influential and trustworthy watch from decades. It has around 170 models. It’s price starts from around 12,500$ to 2 million$. Patek Philippe has best material in it. It’s look gives grace. It has healthy competition with other companies in the market.

4. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is a rare watches brand. It is most famous today because of Royal Oak collection. It is first luxury sports watch which is made by stainless steel. It has 42 mm diameter. It is also know as Ultra thin piece. It’s price vary from model to model around 30,000$ to 60,000$.

5. Cartier

Cartier has best wrist watches and stand among best brands of the world. Cartier price can sell on high price in auction because of its high demand in market. It focuses in quality, distinctive branding and extra ordinary customer service. It’s price starts from 6400$ to 30,000$.