There is a Galaxy Watch for everyone, whether you want something to track your fitness, use as an addition to your smartphone, or even use it in an emergency to save your life.

Samsung, with its Galaxy Watch line of smartwatches, is one of the industry leaders. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5 are the newest models in this family. Choosing the best watch is difficult because both have new functionalities and advancements.
In this blog, we are going to compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs. the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and explain which one is the best.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has the same operating system and performance as the Watch 5, but it also has a larger display and a large battery that can operate for two or more days at a time. The Pro also has some unique outdoor exercise features and is constructed of titanium, which is more durable than aluminium. The Watch 5 Pro is the most powerful Samsung Watch that you can currently buy for your daily use.


  • Display: 1.36″ Sapphire Crystal Glass AMOLED
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Battery: 590 mAh
  • Waterproof: 50m
  • Price: $450
  • Watch material: Titanium
  • Colour Options: Black and Gray
• Long-lasting Battery performance
• Titanium cashing with improved durability
• Multiple Outdoor fitness features
• For workouts, automatic start and pause
• Expensive
• Available in only a single size
• Bulky

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Smartwatch

One of the simplest Wear OS watches to recommend is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which offers superb performance, a brilliant display, and enough battery life for an affordable price. It has the most recent Wear OS version and should keep on getting new software for years to come. Your hunt for a smartwatch should definitely begin with the Watch 5.


• Display: 1.36″ Sapphire Crystal Glass AMOLED
• RAM: 1.5 GB
• Storage: 16 GB
• Battery: 410 mAh, 284 mAh
• Waterproof: 50m
• Price: $280
• Watch material: Aluminium
• Colour Options: Silver, Pink Gold, Sapphire

• Available in 2 different size options
• Strong and scratch-resistant screen
• Better battery life
• Consistently discounted
• At launch, the skin temperature sensor is inoperative.

Design and Display of Both Smartwatches

The Pro variant only comes in a 45mm casing, while the Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. The Watch 5 design is fairly similar to the Watch 4; however, Samsung changed the bend of the underside to make it better touch your wrist. The Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro have aluminium and titanium cases, respectively. The glass covering the displays of both watches is sapphire crystal. This glass is much stronger than the glass used in Watch 4.

he Watch 5 Pro weighs more and is thicker than the Watch 5 due to its strength and durability. Comparing the Watch 5 to the Watch 5 Pro, the Watch 5 Pro weighs 46.5g and has a 10.5mm thickness. You can wear both smartwatches while swimming because they are both IP68 + 5ATM certified.

Health and Fitness Features

There are many different health and fitness features in these eye-catching timepieces. They can both track sleep activity as well as heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Well, the Samsung watch 5 pro comes with an additional feature of snore detection and a body composition measurement tool.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Both of these smartwatches pair with smartphones and other devices with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. The users of the Watch 5 Pro can make calls and send messages without having a phone in their pockets. Both watches are compatible with iOS and Android devices.


The Watch 5 Pro has a larger screen, a more sturdy design, and much longer battery life for an additional $170 over the standard model. It might not look nice on everyone’s wrists because the Watch 5 Pro is larger. The Pro model only comes in two colours: black and grey, unlike the ordinary Watch 5, which is offered in a wider variety of wacky and vibrant shades.The Pro model is the best option, though, if you routinely go on treks and trail walks and depend on your smartwatch to keep track of your workouts. I hope these differences between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are enough to compare both of these smartwatches.