A timepiece of beauty, two-toned and true, A watch that’s a masterpiece, just for you. A blend of metals, so elegant and bold, A sight to behold, and a story to be told.

The majority of two-tone timepieces have steel case or bracelet structures with some gold accents for a bi-colour appearance. Although it appears to be straightforward and even appealing, this metal combination is very disruptive.

Numerous recent two-tone releases show that the style is undoubtedly popular; nonetheless, some people find it to be extremely offensive. They associate the appearance with something outdated, cheap, and sometimes even seedy. They’ll comment that it appears like a compromise for individuals who want to be dazzling but can’t afford full gold or that it makes them think of their aged, tanned grandfather.

Nevertheless, due to their distinct and attractive design, two-tone timepieces in particular have grown in favour recently. Silver and gold, for example, are used in these watches to produce a stunning contrast. We’ll talk about the best two-tone watches in this article for a classic and elegant look.

Best Two-Tone Watches for 2023

Here are some of the best two-tone watches that you can buy in 2023.

1. Rolex Datejust 36 Two-Tone Watch

The iconic Rolex Datejust is among the most demanded two-tone watches on the market, and it is quite stunning. With some contemporary improvements and better performance, the Datejust 36 represents a modern version of the classic designs from the mid-1940s.

The watch has a beautiful, fluted bezel made of Everose gold and a compact 36mm Oystersteel casing. Wide lugs, a medium-sized rose gold crown, and a Jubilee bracelet with Oystersteel outer links complete this watch’s features.

This watch’s dial has a darker shade of slate grey. It features a clear and straightforward layout, bright linear hour indicators, straightforward stick hands, a date window at 3 o’clock and a Chromalight screen for enhanced visibility at night. This excellent watch is available for about $12,835 which is quite expensive, but you can also go with good quality Swiss made replica Rolex watches as they are quite reasonable.

2. Patek Philippe Nautilus Two-Tone Watch

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the perfect option for individuals who favour two-tone timepieces with an exciting flair. This timepiece is likely to draw attention because of its unique shape, sleek lines, and attractive design.

The 40.5mm stainless steel case of this stylish bi-colour wristwatch features the recognisable octagonal-shaped bezel that is also available in rose gold. Two long pushers, two long crown guards, and a sizable screw-down crown are all made of rose gold and are all present on the case. This is worn with a hefty bracelet made of steel and rose gold that has a fold-over clasp. This is the most expensive and luxurious choice on the list, costing approximately $71,350.

3. Tudor Black Bay Chrono Two-Tone Watch

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is praised for its gloomy but elegant design and looks great with any dress. This is one of the most remarkable Black Bay pieces to date with its bold, sporty appearance. With a remarkable 70-hour power reserve and a Caliber MT5813 automatic movement, this Tudor watch is dependable in every aspect. The fact that it can withstand water up to a depth of 200 metres makes it the ideal diving partner.

A comfy black fabric wristband and wide, polished lugs made out of the same material are included with the 41mm stainless steel casing. This is combined with a tachymetric scale marked in yellow gold on a matte black inlay in a fitted yellow gold bezel. The price for this bi-coloured timepiece is $5,740.

4. Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Two-Tone Watch

The aviator watches made by Breitling are noted for their durability and toughness. Breitling has outdone itself by producing the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43, a sturdy, powerful pilot watch that is yet stylish enough to be worn to a formal dinner. This watch has a strong presence that would capture any man’s attention.

Furthermore, the 43mm stainless steel casing, substantial steel pushers, and substantial lugs of this Navitimer model are all matched with a black crocodile leather strap that is fastened by a stainless steel tang clip. The most striking feature of this watch is its solid 18K rose gold bezel, which has gear-like edges that make it easier to hold and give it a more practical appearance. Priced at $10,300, this Breitling model is luxurious and well-made.

5. Cartier Santos De Cartier Two-Tone Watch

This square watch by Cartier is one of the most iconic two-tone watches on the market. The unusual square casing of the Cartier Santos separates this watch from typical watches. This two-tone design was originally introduced in 1904, which shows evidence of the brand’s innovation and devotion to French craftsmanship.

This specific Cartier men’s watch has an 18K yellow gold fixed bezel and a well-polished, 35mm stainless steel casing. This is worn with a bracelet made of polished steel and fastened with gold screws. Depending on your mood, you may quickly and easily switch the strap to a leather one using the watch’s QuickSwitch mechanism.

Also, the bracelet has a SmartLink system that enables you to conveniently alter the band’s length without the use of additional tools. This bi-colour timepiece, which costs $11,300, can withstand water resistance up to 100 metres.

Ending Thoughts

Even though there are so many variations on the market that it might be challenging to choose which piece could fit you best, the sheer diversity ensures that you can find a two-tone watch that is ideal for both your lifestyle and your budget.

Overall, this guide to the best two-tone watches for a more elegant appearance will help you realize that wearing clothing with bold designs is actually not a bad choice. All of these bi-colour pieces will undoubtedly make you the focus of any conversation, although some people may consider them to be cheap and unpleasant. In fact, many brands have jumped into this craze head-first in the hopes of bringing back the heyday of two-tone timepieces.


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