Patek Philippe represents the high caliber and constancy of its watches. In underlining its freedom, the family-possessed assembling has constantly characterized its very own quality criteria, perceived by the whole watchmaking network as the strictest at any point gathered. They characterize very thorough gauges with stringent examination systems that rule out a trade-off.

The production profits by full imaginative opportunity, which enables it to configuration, create, and art watches that epicureans consider being the world’s best watches.

5320G Moon Phase Watch by Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has developed another self-winding unending moon phase schedule with a contemporary vintage style watch. With three-level drags just as a lacquered cream dial graced with iridescent numerals and hands. Its heart is a recently created gauge 324 with twofold openings for the afternoon/month and a simple date.


• Perpetual Calendar
• Self-winding mechanical development
• 324 S Q Caliber
• Day, month, leap year and day/night sign
• Date by hand
• Clear seconds hand

At last, the 5320G is the mix of numerous extraordinary resources from a large number of the incomparable Patek Philippe accumulation from past years yet made today. The case is 40mm in the distance across and accessible in just white gold. The dial itself is a stunning lacquered cream dials with gold applied numerals with luminescent. The croc tie with square scales, hand-sewed, gleaming chocolate dark-colored, overlay over catch that feels especially period, as though it has matured a piece as of now. The day/night pointer, date, moon phase, and leap year counter.

Down at 6 o’clock, you see two gaps one giving you daily/night sign, and the other is a jump year pointer. It is undoubtedly a somewhat changed full rotor perpetual calendar system, which you can see through the case back. It highlights 367 segments and done to the degree of the Patek Philippe seal which is to state all-around wrapped up by most benchmarks, yet ailing in incredible detail.

What is moon phase in Patek Philippe 5320G watch?

A moon phase highlight demonstrates the present period of the moon as you see it in the sky. As our circling pet shake goes over the sky, so too does its scaled-down rendition in the watch travel around, showed in a gap on the dial.

This sort of watch is maybe the most basic in its graphical portrayal of the progression of time, instead of the more exact and sterile hands and numbers that different complexities use. It is a progressively offbeat and aesthetic intricacy, one that is enjoyable to possess, connecting us with our sky-watching precursors and heredity of watchmakers and artisans at the same time.

In the Patek Philippe 5320G a circle, finished with white stars and two brilliant moons against a blue or white foundation speaking to the sky pivots inside a gap. During the principal days of every lunation, the main edge of a moon ends up obvious as a bow on the left of the gap. It seems to wax as it rises past the bent edge of the gap speaking to the lunar eliminator. As the moon disappears, the second moon on the plate is prepared to show up on the left.